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“Modeling is to intentionally emote for the camera at all times while acting requires you to be present in the moment  being completely transparent with our feelings and emotions and forgetting that the camera is there. – Thai Edwards 


HEIGHT: 6’2″                 WEIGHT: 210-225lbs.               JACKET LENGTH: L              WAIST: “32-34”            HAIR: BALD / SHORT

SHIRT: LG- XL               INSEAM: 34/33                          SLEEVE: 37                            NECK: “17.5 – 18”

SHOE: 12 1/2                CHEST: “46-48”                          HAT: 7 1/4                             BUILD: ATHLETIC

                                                                                                                                                                                                               ***Autographed prints available upon request***



Karl Kani, FUBU, Timberland, Avirex, Sean John, Kenneth Cole & Banana Republic