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As an accomplished Actor, Model, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist, Thai Edwards is definitely a man of many hats. When Thai enters a room his commanding presence is immediately felt. Combined with charisma, charm and a serious work ethic rivaled by few, Thai Edwards is destined to be, Hollywood’s next leading man.



SISTAS – Olonzo “Reoccuring” | Dir. Tyler Perry | Tyler Perry Studios

S.W.A.T. – Puck Marlow “Guest Star” | Dir. Larry Feng | CBS Television

The Orville – Alien Guard “Guest Star” | Dir. Seth McFarlane | CBS Television

Lucifer – Bounty Hunter “Guest Star” | Dir. Nathan Hope | Warner Bros.

SHAMELESS – Roger “Co – Star” | Dir. Mark Mylod | Bonanza Productions

Wonder Girls – Security #3 “Featured” | Dir. Mark Mylod | Bonanza Productions

“I’m In the Band” – Mover “Supporting” | Dir. Shelley Jenson | It’s a Laugh Productions

FOX NFL Sunday – Myself | Dir. David McGregor | FOX Sports Network

Rod Stewart Christmas Special – “Featured” | Dir. Grayline & Baldine | PBS

Mr. Sunshine – Trainer “Supporting” | Dir. Thomas Schlamme | Shoe Money Productions

BLACKOUT – Dixon “Supporting” | Dir. Bradford May | Larry Levinson Productions

Harry’s Law – Bouncer “Supporting” | Dir. Bill D’ Elia | Bonanza Productions

DA TROOF Magazine – Host “Myself” | Dir. Lester Hayes | PMD/ICON

CSI Las Vegas – “Featured” | Dir. Nathan Hope | CBS Paramount

Storage Hunters – Myself | Dir. Dave Theis | TRU Television

Edgar Floats – Soldier “Co – Star” | Dir. Jace Alexander | Bonanza Productions

The RIFF – Club Owner “Supporting” | Dir. Mark W. Allen | Riff Productions

Walker Texas Rangers – Featured “Reoccuring” | CBS Productions


Book of Deuses – Ogum “Lead” | Dir. Anthony Liu | Lord Danger Studios

SKY HD Television – Bone Crusher ” Lead” | Dir C. Schreodie | SKY Productions

Nurti-System – Chef “Myself” | Dir. Sharon Brown | Big Schott Entertainment


F@#K I LOVE U – Junebug ‘Lead” | Dir. Lucky Mor | Lucky Creates Production

Fitgods – Brick “Lead” | Dir. Micheal Hernandez | Creative Duet

Charisma INC. Sean “Lead” | Intersection Entertainment


STILL – Lavon “Lead” | Dir. Lucky Mor | Fulfillment Studios

F#@K I Love U “ALIVE” – Junebug “Lead” | Dir. Lucky Mor | Fulfillment Studios

What If A Woman – Marcus “Lead” | Beyond The Take Productions


Chris Brown – “Don’t Judge Me” / Sgt. Davis “Featured Model”

Nicki Minaj – “The BOYS” / Masculine Ken Doll “Featured Model”

Philly Swain – “GRRR” / Black Panther Leader “Featured Model”


Anabolic LIFE – Jason “Lead” | Dir. Landon Williams | Primitive Minds

KISS KISS – Rico “Supporting” | Dir. Dallas King | Red Rabbitt Productions

Visage – Vermon Escoe “Supporting” | Dir. Tata Michaelangelo | Visage LLC.

Beyond The Shield – Bryson Sr. “Lead” | Dir. Micheal Barrett | Kingdomtainment LLC.

The Martini Shot – Paulie “Supporting” | Dir. Demetrius Navarro | D Street Films

32 Seconds – Logan “Lead” | Dir. Micheal Hernandez | Creative Duet (Short)

Seven – Logan “Lead” | Dir. Micheal Hernandez | Creative Duet  (Short)

Book of Deuses – Ogum “Lead” | Dir. Anthony Liu | Lord Danger Studios (Short)

CyCops – Jagger “Lead” | Dir. Jay Douglas | Vanquish Interactive (Short)

HOZON – Creature “Featured” | Dir. Dallas King | Red Rabbit Films

Deadline – Bodyguard “Featured” | Dir. Chris Tasara | Tasara Films

Light Up My Heart – Ice berg Man “Supporting” | Dir. E. Jimenez Pons | LUMH LLC.

SIBERIA – Kilrain “Supporting” | Dir. N. Sarkisov | Kill for cupcakes LLC.

Trigger – Cross “Supporting” | Dir. Matt Sidrel | Trigger Films LLC.

Out For Blood – Fighter “Featured” | Dir. Tom Sweeney | Carmen Cabana

InAppropriate Comedy – Swade “Lead” | Dir. Vince Offer | Square One Entertainment

Before The Dawn – Abraham “Supporting” | Dir. Mark Manolo | USC Cinematic Arts

Fighters – Thai “Lead” | Dir. David Spicuzza | USC Cinematic Arts

Battle Buddy – Sgt. Haile “Supporting” | Dir. Gerard Mc Murray | USC Cinematic Arts

Fundamentals of Thought – Player “Lead” | Dir. Taron Lexington | Golden Era Production

Illusion – Micheal “Lead” | Dir. Raul Rerez | Speed of Light Studios

Jesus Lovin’ Buddhist “Lead” | Dir. Rashaan Nall | FilmCadre

Commerce – Casino Patron “Supporting” | Dir. Lisa Robertson | AFI

Dreams of Romance – Kev “Lead” | Dir. Jordan McAllister | C.C. Productions

Company – Bodyguard “Supporting” | Dir. Webbstar | S.P.M.

Little Soldier – Tattoo “Supporting” | Dir. Dallas King | Onyx Entertainment

Diablo – Henchman “Featured” | Dir. Dallas King | Onyx Entertainment

Wake Up – McHale “Lead” | Dir. Eddie Burton | DSG Films

Told By Me – Tab ‘Lead” | Dir. Ernest Crosby | Up Scale Ent.

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