About Thai

chicago’s very own

As an accomplished Actor, Model, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist, Thai Edwards is definitely a man of many hats. When Thai enters a room his commanding presence is immediately felt. Combined with charisma, charm and a serious work ethic rivaled by few, Thai Edwards is destined to be, Hollywood’s next leading man.

Being from the south side of Chicago, Thai Edwards comes from very humble beginnings, which only brings out the very best in him both professionally and personally. Now as a California resident, Thai has allowed the journey life has taken him on to help build him into the focused and career-driven entertainer and businessman that he has become.

The Professional

Given his extensive resume and multiple talents, many doors have opened for him during his career as a result and he is destined to become a household name. However, it’s Thai’s strong work ethic, his love for his craft, and his commitment to pursuing excellence that sets him in a class all by himself. Not to mention him being a man of great character also.

As a firm believer in the outcome of hard work determination, he has managed to maintain great consistency and success in an industry where only the strong survive and is showing no signs of slowing down.

In the Fall of 2017, he starred in his feature film Anabolic Life, which premiered to rave reviews, calling his performance “Stellar” and his performance immediately created buzz that he was very much a natural born “standout” star. The film also gained him new fans/supporters around the country with many leaving the theaters wanting to know more about him after seeing his groundbreaking performance in the film. The movie also won an award at the Orlando Film Festival 2017 for “Best Ensemble Cast” and went on to be released nationwide.

In December of 2017, Thai was named one of IMDB’s “Top 5 Upcoming Actors in 2018”. And rightfully so. While 2017 presented him with some great opportunities, 2018 is expected to be an amazing year for Thai with multiple projects that are currently in the works.